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School Education Programmes

The Foundation strongly believes that it is important to instill the right attitude towards biodiversity conservation and natural resource protection at an early age.

Hence, primary and secondary schoolchildren along with college students are encouraged to participate in this programme.

The programme, carried out by the Conservation Officers and the Research Officers, is usually funded by the Foundation.

Junior Programmes typically comprise classroom lessons, walk-a-bout lessons and activities that relate to the environment and to biodiversity conservation.

From observations made and feedback obtained from the primary schoolchildren and their accompanying teachers, their visits certainly leave a positive impact on them.

The teachers in turn are able to transfer the knowledge they gain during the programme to other primary schoolchildren as well as their colleagues.

Students from secondary schools, colleges, polytechnics and teachers' training institutes participate in the
Senior Programme which incorporates elements from the Junior Programme and encompasses more
information about the conservation of the orangutan.

Participants in the Senior Programme attend a lecture on orangutan conservation, are provided an
educational booklet and are given a questionaire to assess their understanding on the Foundation's
conservation programme.

A Q&A session is also in place to enable the participants to interact with experts from the Foundation.

Interestingly, it has been observed that participants in the Q&A Session do not restrict their questions only to activities within Orang Utan Island and to the Foundation's activities but also to career paths in related fields.